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Warm Weather Checklist for Your Home - Exterior Edition!

Is your home ready for the warmer months ahead?

As you begin to see green return all around, it’s a good reminder to take stock of what needs to be renewed in and around your home. This means now is the time to examine your siding, paint, and decking.


During the Winter, siding can loosen, allowing water to get behind the boards. Make sure you:

  • Examine from the foundation level on up to the roofline/gutter area

  • Check for loose or missing trim

  • Look for any discolorations

  • Check gutter connections and drainage

PROTIP - Sometimes you can remove mold or algae easily with a good scrub or power washing, but it’s best to leave it to a professional that can do a more thorough inspection to ensure there is no wood rot, or more extensive damage to your siding..

If you see something concerning, snap a picture and schedule a call or appointment for us to come check it out.


Tiny cracks may look like no big deal, but any amount of water can seep through and cause rot. Make sure you:

  • Examine all window casing/caulking - look for mildew, chips, swollen wood, and condensation inside double panes, or interior side of windows

  • Check the trim and foundation level paint for chipping or wet foundation blocks

PROTIP - Repainting trim isn’t just updating the esthetic. It is actually used as a sealant on top of the caulk to prevent leaks and reduce energy consumption in your home.

If you’ve noticed a higher-than-average energy bill, or are considering a fresh new color give us a call.


Decks and fencing are always exposed to the elements, and they will eventually have some type of deterioration. Make sure you:

  • Walk around your deck looking for “soft spots” that can indicate rotting underneath

  • Grip railings and all spindles to ensure they are not loose or cracked

  • Look for raised nails, or other missing fasteners

  • Check under raised decks/porches for anything unusual (animal nests, rot, water damage) then secure structures, and cover openings to prevent anything from getting in or out that should not be there!

PROTIP - a good power wash and stain can make your deck look good as new, but if there are structural items, don’t mask them with a coat of stain, fix them to protect your investment.

If your deck or porch needs an update, we’re here to help!

Spring will be here before you know it! Finding and fixing any exterior concerns is key to keeping damage and expense down. So get out there this weekend and take a good look at your exterior siding, paint color/trim, and deck. You will be glad you did.

We’ve already helped Lauren, Jan, and Lee. If you find you need professional help with your project, give the experts at Eagle Eye Exteriors a call at (760) 457-4906.

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